Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello everyone, it's been busy,thankfully in these tough economic times ! One of my favorite holidays coming up soon, St. Paddy's Day ,look for me at DEE-MAN'S in Naugatuk Fri 13th eve( I'll have to call up the Luck O' the Irish) Mon 16th at Slainte's in Naugatuk with my friend Eddie Kominski on Chromatic Harmonica.Italian and Polish playing and singing Irish music- there's a combination for you !!! And,again at DEE-MAN'S Tues 17th. I had played in a traditional Irish folk band years ago called Slainte Garth, great fun ! I had really come to love the music so steeped in tradition. Coming up- the 2nd annual Hero Recognition for the American Red Cross-Mar 28th-watch for new photos ! As always , lots of projects in the works !!! PEACE !

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