Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hi All !
I keep getting reminded by friends to update my blog so here's the latest ! Been enjoying playing and singing quite a bit with my good friend and keyboard player Fabian Ortiz and judging by our audience reactions I would say they are enjoying it quite a bit , too ! We keep getting asked back where ever we play ! Collectively Fabian and I are known as "The Awesome Brothers" and not being one to brag if you come to see us you will know why ! He is the aewsome one ! His piano and vocals add so much more to the arrangements and we have great fun doing extended versions of some of our favorite songs, giving us a chance to stretch our instrumental and vocal chops a bit ! On occasion we are also joined by the lovely Wendy Baker of Bethany CT doing some harmony and some excellent lead vocals as well ! Her rendition of Faith Hill's "Just Breathe" is not one to be missed ! As always you can find us on the last Thursday of the month at one of our favorite places Slaintes in Naugatuk on Route 63. It is usually a dinner show from 6 to 9. Hope to see you there !
I will be DJaying a 25th Anniversary party coincidentally on the 25th of this month for friends whose names I cannot mention Shhh ! It's a surprise ! DJ gigs are always great fun, lots of dancing and great "Classic Music" especially in this case !
I'll also be doing some Children's Parties at the end of March which is such a great time for all involved ! Kid's are just so honest in their reaction to music and it is just so much fun to sing with them songs about "sharing" and "the golden rule" and "All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly and love in my family !" Does that say it all or what ???
For St. Patty's Day this year I will be at the Silver City Sports Bar in Meridan from 3 to 7pm Then I will high tail it over to another favorite place Dee-Man's of Naugatuk that same evening (hopefully by 8) to finish out the evening with some Irish Music and some Classic Rock as well !
I'll also be at the New Deal Steakhouse March 9th -7 to 10 in Westbrook. Great place and Great Food ! I will try to keep you all updated for upcoming gigs and as always lots of projects/recording in the works!!! See you all soon and thank you for your continued support !
Peace and Blessings !

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